How Oregon State Had Their Most Accurate Launch Ever

Project Information

Oregon State University is one of the top education establishments within the state of Oregon. It was important for their Rocketry team to pick a trusted partner to meet their unique needs. Top Priorities for them included having real-time data from the rocket, without the need for a stable connection alongside a hyper-accurate geolocation service to recover the rocket. Their requirements meant a custom solution to fit inside their rocket.

How did they do it previously?

Their existing system was based on visual recovery and often resulted in hours of searching as part of the recovery effort.

How did we implement?

After discussions with GoLocate, custom tracking hardware was designed and manufactured within six weeks and delivered shortly afterwards for testing. The off-grid solution enabled the hardware to either use any available mobile signals or relay data back to their computers on-site.

What was the benefits?

The team at OSU saw the benefits from the first launch. The device was successfully used to recover the rocket alongside providing a real-time data feed showing trajectory, speed and location amongst other data points. This innovative solution resulted in multiple successful launches and recoveries.