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Carbonside’s API plug in takes the pain out of transitioning your fleet. Providing advanced reporting on the environmental impact of your assets whilst streamlining the process of running operation. Making your fleet carbon neutral without the need for radical change and reduced operational efficiency.

We're helping you transform your business.

Our solution leverages your existing data points and presents it in a way that is digestible, sustainability-focussed and actionable. Allowing Fleet Managers to focus on the day to day operations of their assets rather than assessing data sheet and preparing internal reports. 
Predictive Analytics
Deep Insights
Multi-Modal Support
Seamless Integration
Carbon Offsetting

Learn more about the emissions in your business

We turn information into actionable insights

Assets Monitored
Hours Saved
Tonnes of Carbon Offset
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Save Money
 (and the environment)

We believe in helping you make the most of your fleet, whilst giving you the helping hand to achieve your green goals
Learn trends about your fleet
Make your fleet Carbon Neutral / Negative
Increase Utilisation
Decrease unfavourable Driver behaviour
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
How does the carbon offsetting work?
We work with trusted, traceable sources to offset your fleet's emissions, with the data generated by the platform. No more guessing about your green credentials.
What are predictive insights?
We use advanced artificial intelligence to tell you about trends in your fleet before they happen, such as maintenance or troublesome drivers.
What type of vehicles do you support?
GoLocate is fully multi-modal, meaning we can support cars, trucks, scooters, bikes and more.
Do you support Electric Vehicles (EV)?
Yes! We can often integrate with your vehicle without the need for any additional hardware, meaning your fleet can be live in hours, not days.
Do you offer discounts for non-profits?
We do. We offer a sliding scale for non-profits based on your needs and size. Let's talk further.
Do you offer referral programs?
Not yet but watch this space for more soon!
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