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Experience seamless carbon management with our advanced Carbon Accounting API. It's designed to facilitate real-time tracking and quantification of your emissions data.

By integrating this API into your systems, you unlock the ability to measure, analyse, and manage your carbon footprint accurately and efficiently.
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// Calculate CO2
const { id, amount } = await go.auth{(
  id: 4355,
  amount: 3.15135,

Common Questions

What does the API cost?
We provide your first 1000 carbon calculations every month completely free of charge. It's our way of supporting your initial steps towards understanding and reducing your carbon footprint. Additional calculations are charged on an enterprise basis starting at just $0.0001 per call. This scalable pricing model ensures you only pay for what you need, making it a cost-effective solution for organisations of all sizes.
Is your data reliable?
In our commitment to provide the most accurate data for your environmental calculations, we constantly harness the latest datasets from a wide range of trusted sources globally. These include reputed research institutions, governments, and international bodies, all rigorously working on the frontier of climate science.
Will it fit my use case?
Our API has been the driving force behind a diverse range of applications, powering projects as varied as parking systems to rocket launches, and all that falls in between.
If you're considering our API for your specific use-case, we encourage you to get in touch.
How many users are currently using the API?
Our platform is globally trusted, with over 100 users across 14 diverse countries spanning multiple continents. We are proud to be part of a worldwide movement towards sustainability, serving a broad spectrum of industries and organisations.
Is my business too small?
No, we love startups! From small local enterprises to large multinational corporations, our users are making meaningful strides towards their environmental goals and we make sure to give pricing which suites your needs.
How secure is the data I share with your platform?
We take data security very seriously. Our platform employs industry-leading encryption methods and follows stringent data protection policies to ensure the utmost security of your data. We adhere to all international data privacy laws and regulations, and we don't share or sell your information to any third parties.
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