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Emissions Tracking

No more maths or spreadsheets, easily calculate your emissions from over 5000 different datapoints
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Simple Integrations

Automate emissions reporting by integrating all your existing software, straight into Beyond
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Your Predictions
Business Train Travel
Up 3.5% - Try reviewing the journeys
Office Power
Reduced by 10% - Great Job!
You're on target for 2030

Predictive Analytics

Predict and course-correct your progress towards your businesses net-zero goal
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Learning Complete
Completed Scope 1 Training
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Built in eLearning

eLearning built into Beyond allows you to drive system change within your business by upskilling
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Emissions tracking

Emissions Tracking without the Headache

Escape the tedious, error-prone maze of manual emissions calculations with Beyond. Streamline your process with the power of our comprehensive data model, offering over 5000 datapoints. Swap countless Google sheets for a simplified, automated system that enhances precision and saves time.

Works with your favourite services.

Experience seamless integration with over 50 platforms, enabling automatic and accurate carbon emissions calculations directly within Beyond
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Pull line items and work out their carbon emissions on autopilot


Get real-time updates on how your business is performing

Google Drive

Export reports straight into your Google Drive
Predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Navigate your sustainability journey with confidence, using our powerful predictive analytics feature. It provides a clear roadmap to your net zero target, flagging any potential detours that might derail your progress. With this intelligent forewarning, you can swiftly adjust your course, ensuring an unwavering path towards your green goals.

Your Target


Estimated Net-Zero Year

Based on current emissions, you won't hit net zero until 2045
Carbon university

Make your team the smartest in the room

Upskill your team within Beyond with Carbon University, our eLearning platform
No Silly Questions
Our AI tutor allows for personalised tutoring, allowing students to ask any and all questions, without fear of intimidation
Audited by Experts
All of Carbon University's courses are audited by some of the leading experts in the Climate Science world.
Drive Systemic Change
An educated workforce, is an informed workforce. Carbon University helps you to drive systemic change within your business.
Your Own Pace
It can be hard to fit time in your team's schedule, our bitesized courses can be done at any time

Get to Net-Zero quicker with Beyond

Beyond allows you to quickly bring your business onto the net-zero journey quickly and efficiently