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Announcing our Carbon Offset API

Announcing our Carbon Offset API

Announcing our Carbon Offset API


The internet is a big place, and it's getting bigger every day. And with more of us using the internet on our phones and laptops, more data is being generated than we've ever seen. But as we move towards a digital economy, with millions of devices communicating with each other every second across the globe, it's vital to consider how much energy all that activity uses up—and what impact that has on the environment. 

Our Carbon Offsetting API makes it easy for websites and apps to calculate their carbon emissions and then offset them through climate-friendly projects like renewable energy initiatives or providing much-needed cookstoves to some of the world's poorest nations. These new APIs allow you to build trust with your customers and show them that you're committed to creating environmentally friendly products and services.

Today we're happy to introduce our new Carbon Offset API.

Our Carbon Offset API is a new service that allows developers to offset the carbon emissions of their applications. Our API works by calculating your carbon footprint from over 5000 different data sources and then providing a variety of projects to offset those emissions. The resulting funds go towards projects that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and ensure your business is on its way to net-zero. From Hotel Stays & Travel to Web3 and beyond, we help your business achieve your sustainability goals in a way that works for you.

Every business, technology or app should be able to know their effect on the world, regardless of funding

We think it's important that all businesses are aware of their emissions and as such, we've committed to an always-free carbon calculator API. You can access this through our API portal and call it up to 500 times a month free of charge, allowing you to see how many emissions your business has created. Alongside this, we're providing the first five tonnes of offset free of charge for every user, allowing you to start making a difference for zero up-front cost.


We're excited to be able to offer a product that makes it easy for websites and apps to calculate their carbon emissions. We think this is a fantastic way for developers around the world to make their sites or apps more eco-friendly and we hope you'll give us a try. 

If you have any questions about our API or would like more information about how it works, please let us know!